Leaking Van Windows :(

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)


VW Transporter factory fitted sliding windows are renowned for leaking but more and more I am coming across windows that have not been installed properly.

The damage a leaking window can cause can be catastrophic for the condition of your pride and joy, the above photo shows where the water has got in and eaten away at the paint causing the polyurethane adhesive to fail along the lower aperture.

We removed the old sliding unit and replaced it with a VW T4 Fixed Privacy Unit, we also carefully treated and primed the rust without damaging the exposed paintwork around the glass. This sweet looking Velle has just about got away with it but another year of leaks would have taken its toll on her.

I have also seen vans with the windows fitted upside down, windows fitted in the wrong side we even had a VW T5 where the O/S window had been fitted in the N/S sliding door exposing the metal work and the bead of polyurethane adhesive what more it was fitted by a van sales company… shocking.

If you have not fitted windows before let us fit them for you saving a few £££’s is great but the damaged caused if not installed properly could go into the thousands.

Window fitting starts from only £90.00, with a drive away same day service, why not take a look at our Window Prices

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