Split Charge Relay Kit 12v Durite 140amp

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)

The Split Charge Relay Kit 12v Durite 140amp is a charging system designed to charge your Leisure battery while your engine is running. Its also called a VSR Relay which makes at 13.3v and breaks at 12.8, in other words it won’t flatten your vehicles main cranking battery even if your leisure battery is run flat.

Durite 12v Intelligent Split Relay wiring diagram

This kit as everything you need to install a high quality tried and tested 12v charging system to your vehicle the exact same systems we fit here at Vanguard Conversions.

Split Charge Relay Kit 12v Durite 140amp comprises of:
  • Durite 140amp VSR Relay
  • Two Heavy duty Midi Fuse Holder
  • Two 80amp Strip Link Fuses
  • 10 Copper Lugs
  • Fixing Screws & Earth Bolt
  • Hi-Flex Battery Earth Cable 500m 16mm²
  • Hi-Flex Battery Cable 3 Meters 16mm²

If you require more battery cable for your installation for example if you were fitting your leisure battery under your Rock and Roll Bed in a T5 you would require another 3-4 meters of battery cable to reach from the cracking battery on top of the 3 meters the kit comes with, this is available as an option.

The installation is simple NO ALTERNATOR CONNECTION just a connection to the Live and Earth of the cracking battery and then a live to the Leisure Battery and a Chassis Earth and your done, the relay even as a led light to show you its working.

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