SCA Elevating Roofs Scotland

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)

 Authorised Fitters for SCA Elevating roofs

SCA are of superior standard and are available with the roof reinforcing device. The roof & reinforcing are TUV accepted and as approved SCA fitters you may be confident that you have a safety compliant roof.

VW T5 Highline Campervan Conversion with SCA 190 Comfort front elevating pop top roof

VW T5 Highline Campervan

There are less expensive Pop Top Roofs to be had however…

There are less expensive roofs to be had however in case you feel for your van and your safety then SCA are the finest roofs in the marketplace. Ask your insurers if you are covered by installing a cheaper roof, it’s far more likely that they will pay out without a TUV permitted roof.

Most of our roofs are fitted to the VWT5/T6 but we can install to the VWT4 and on SWB & LWB vehicle’s .

They arrive from the manufacturing facility in either VW white or VW grey. SCA can colour code in their manufacturing facility in Germany. As an actual German engineered product there’s a usual 7 – 8 weeks lead time on SCA roofs.

VW T5 Campervan Conversion fitted with SCA Pop top roof front elevating

VW T5 Campervan SCA Pop top roof

Why purchase an SCA Roof from Vanguard Campervan Conversions

Why purchase an SCA from Vanguard campervan conversions. We’re SCA providers & fitters. We’ve got regular visits from Banwy SCA representatives and TUV approved so no issue’s in the event of an insurance claim. Parts are easily available now and in the long-term for your roof.

VW T5 Highline Campervan Conversion with SCA 190Comfort front elevating pop top roof

VW T5 Highline Campervan

TUV Safety Compliant Elevating Roof

Straightforward to replace the canvas on the SCA roofs. Safety compliant roof with reinforcing device to replace your roof strengthening ribs that have been removed. Scissor hinges at the rear giving you plenty of leg room, on different roofs it would be tough for any person to sleep up pinnacle due to the restrictive top.

VW T5 Highline Campervan fitted with SCA 190Comfort pop top roof and front elevating

VW T5 Highline Campervan

Best German engineered product with a 2 year assurance warranty from SCA.

The roof is load rated to take a 70kg load on roof bars.

Vacuum pressure heat manufactured so no rippling in the roof or high and low points which will be subject to issues in the future or if you paint your roof,

If you need any further persuasion as to why SCA are worth their money then feel free to come and look at one (Appointment necessary) Give us a call on 01397 708444.

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