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Vechline Monocrystal Solar Kits 75W / 100W / 120W

Vechline has developed these panels to allow as many people as possible to access monocrystalline solar technology at the right price. 

Panel mounting brackets for easy mounting, complete kit every thing you need for the installation. 
These Kits are 100% factory tested.

There are three kits to choose from the:

  • 75W - 4.32A
  • 100W - 5.56A
  • 120W - 6.67A

Choose the kit you require in "other options" on the right.

  • Our Price: £149.99 Inc VAT
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Ready for dispatch within 24hrs - Delivery time 1-2 working days.


Tech Specs

  • The mounting brackets: Integrated with the panel, they are equipped with grooves ensuring that the right amount of glue is applied. 
  • A charge regulator: Automatically controls the charge of the battery. 
  • 6m of 2.5 mm² cable: Already connected to the panel and type H07RNF, it resists the weather and the saline environment. 
  • A gutter: Ensures the tightness at the point where the cable passes through the roof. 
  • A cartridge of adhesive: To glue the supports and the eaves on the roof.
  • 1 cleaning pad: cleaning of the roof to ensure bonding. 

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