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Cali Rock and Roll Bed Seat 3/4 (standard vinyl)

The Cali 3/4 Rock and Roll Bed Seat (M1 Pull Crash Tested) powder coated in black for a long lasting robust finish.

Tested to EU strength and safety requirements and comes with M1 Staus pass certificate for extra piece of mind when carrying passengers.

Two factory fitted Seatbelts fitted as standard. 

Foam and Fabrics on our beds all complie with the 1988 fire and safety regulations.

There is an oversized item pallet delivery charge of £90.00 for this product. 


Tech Specs

  • Seat position
  • Length (frame only) 975mm
  • Length (with upholstery) 1310mm
  • Width 1050mm
  • Height 1000mm
  • Bed position
  • Length (frame only) 1555mm 
  • Length (with Upholstery) 1890mm 
  • Width 1050mm
  • Wheel arch clearance height 375mm



We use Spradling Automotive Vinyl for interior upholstery, for decades, upholsters have relied on Spradling for unsurpassed quality aftermarket vinyl.

Our Vinyl Upholstery as various different types of protection... PERMABLOK3®, PERMAGUARD® and SILVERGUARD®

PERMABLOK3® from Spradling is a proven vinyl protective coating that’s engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against the three biggest problems encountered in healthcare and hospitality environments... Germs, Abrasions and stains

PERMAGUARD® proprietary barrier coating makes maintenance easy. Most difficult stains are effortlessly cleaned with a dry tissue, while stubborn soiling may be eliminated with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. Not only do stains disappear in seconds, but PERMAGUARD® provides unequaled resistance to scratches, scuffs, and abrasion.

SILVERGUARD® is a natural environmentally friendly bacteria-fighting defense to inhibit odor and stain causing bacteria, plus the SILVERGUARD® technology is EPA registered.

We can also match factory trims T5/T6 Inca, Place and Tassimo ect. We can also offer Bentley stitching other colours and options are also available please call 01397 708 444 for more info.

Non Returnable Product

We do not accept returns on made to order or cut to size products,

nor issue refunds for made to order or cut to size products that we supply to you upon your request.

The Buyer Must rely on the Buyer’s own skill & judgement in deciding whether the Goods are fit for a particular purpose.

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