Durite Mini Jump Starter Pack

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)

Have you ever had a flat Battery while out in your Camper, car, van, or you’ve even forgot your phone charger!!

Well this little life saver is for you… Highly portable, small and compact with a self-contained battery booster that can start a car in seconds.

Power up when your battery is flat..

More powerful and now jump starts vehicles up to 5L Petrol and 3L Diesel engines.

Larger battery capacity of 13,600mAh, more power and lasts longer with 13 auxiliaries to charge electronic devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and sat nav etc… Perfect for a driver who needs emergency back up power

Li-Polymer battery technology…

New features have protected lead set and protects against short circuit, over temperature, reverse polarity, over-discharge and a built in torch all neatly packed in a carry case.

It has the latest Li-Polymer battery technology – For long and consistent battery life.

Emergency battery starter needed…

Last year we headed off on our road-trip to the French Alps, we decided to take with us the Durite Mini jump Starter as an emergency backup, we never thought that we would actually have to use it!!

We stayed overnight in a small village called Saint Quentin,The central square is overlooked by the impressive gothic style town hall, dating from the early 16th century and with hundreds of statues decorating the impressive facade. Its bell tower has an impressive 37 bells the ringing out of which are famous in the area.

Saint Quentin

We set off early morning to get us into resort for early evening, as we drove off I realised that our phone which was our Sat Nav was showing low battery life, I plugged the iphone into the USB charger and after a while noticed that the phone wasn’t actually charging!!

Now we are panicking as we were in the middle of France with no map or phone and not a shop or garage in sight…


Mark then realised that we had the Durite mini jump starter with us. We opened up the box and plugged in the iphone.

Chargers multiple Apple devices…

We could not believe how fast it charged the iphone and how little power it used to do this… This handy bit of kit is truly amazing with it’s Digital battery life display so you know how much power is left especially when your travelling abroad and wild camping.

Our Durite mini jump starter never leaves our campervan now and we have since helped out other camper’s on campsites that needed help starting their vehicle’s, were surprised how many people don’t know about this handy bit of kit.

Purchase your Durite Mini Jump Starter here….

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