Dometic CB-40 Top Loading Fridge/Freezer

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2018)

The Dometic CB-40 is the perfect solution for your Campervan…

The Dometic CB-40 compressor cooling unit is detachable from the base of the fridge with a flexy 1500mm lead giving even more flexibility in the tightest of spaces.

Dometic - Waeco CB 40

The storage volume of 40 litres is perfect for bottles, 2-litre bottles not a problem in this Dometic fridge. Also included is a basket in the top of the fridge for keeping your food organised.

The Dometic CoolMatic CB 40 is the go-to fridge for tight spaces in Campervans and is the choice fridge for our own Highline T6 Campervans. This compact unit packs a punch even on the hottest days with the power to freeze to –12 °C this allows varied use.

Dometic CB-40 dimensions

The top loading fridge for campervans helps to retain the cold air

Vary the temperature as you wish with the thermostat control which helps use energy efficiently. The top loading feature helps to retain the cold air, unlike the front-loading fridges which again helps with efficiency saving you valuable leisure battery power.

The Dometic CoolMatic CB 40 is the most popular fridge we instal into our Highline Campervan Conversions and is the choice fridge in our own van. I am always amazed at its performance even at summer temperatures around France and Europe. Our customers are always amazed at how quiet these fridges run.

How to get the most out of the Dometic CB-40 Fridge

When you fill your fridge with food and turn your fridge on turn it up high especially when driving to your destination as you are producing surplus power through your Campervans charging system. You may as well put it to good use. Keep an eye on the temperature in the fridge as this top loading fridge will soon start to cool. When the food is chilled to the temperature you require reduce the power and the fridge will work more efficiently when parked up saving you valuable leisure battery power.

Take a closer look at the Dometic CoolMatic CB 40 


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