Certificate of Conformity on all our M1 N1 Crash Tested Beds & Seats Fitted

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2014)

M1 crash tested rock & roll bed

Our M1 N1 Crash Tested Rock & Roll Beds are available in a range of manufacturers trims. Our Beds can be made in 3/4 width & Full width or to a size bespoke to your needs. We also supply a certificate of Conformity when fitted by us.

M1 N1 Crash Tested Seats

We can also supply a range of M1 & N1 Crash Tested Rear Seats in a selection of manufacturers trim, available as a high back as shown or with headrests we can even supply with armrests. As with all our Crash Tested Seats if we fit we will supply a certificate of conformity.

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