Campervan Bluetooth Audio System with USB Connector

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)

This stylish looking Campervan Bluetooth Audio System is simple to install, fitted with plug connectors to connect the speakers then just a live and earth cable for power, its that easy.

Bluetooth Audio System with USB Connector


Fitting the Audio System is a straight forward, the photos are from a Vito Camper Van installation.

Bluetooth Audio System with USB Connector

The display/control panel needs to be cut into the panel its going to be mounted to then bonded in position with silicon.

Bluetooth Audio System with USB Connector

Cut the holes to mount the two speakers and sub. The bottom speaker is the base box with a hole above for air flow and is all mounted in a box with the kit which sits behind the panel.

Bluetooth Audio System with USB Connector

All speakers have leads on the back with a plug connector all colour coded for a simple installation…

Connect all the speakers to the wiring loom using the extension cables if required, now all you need is power. Cut the three pin plug off, you are left with two wires one live, one earth. One wire as long grey lines on it, this is the live, I also recommend you fit a inline fuse when connecting the live. (not supplied with kit) Now go enjoy…

Using the Audio System

Bluetooth Audio System with USB ConnectorOkay so it’s all fitted now time to enjoy…

Press the power button on the control panel and hold for two seconds, the display will then illuminate and the power button will flash. Turn on any bluetooth device, we used an IPhone 5s and pair to “emomo” its that simple.

Bluetooth Audio System with USB Connector

You can control the audio via your device or with the control panel there is even a high powered USB charging point for smartphones, tablets and notebooks while playing your favourite music.

We will be fitting one of these to our own VW T4 Camper, they look stylish, modern and can easily be wired to the leisure battery so no more worrying about the camper not starting with having the head unit on. The other great benefit is that its bluetooth so its easy to connect different devices and use your ITunes library if with Apple.

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