Reimo Pop Top Roofs

The Reimo Easy Fit sleeping roof is a low height of only 7 cm extremely flat and very aerodynamic. A separate front spoiler ensures a reduction of wind noise even at faster speeds. During production the roof shell in sandwich construction is already insulated with an integrated textile interior lining with foam lamination. A solid three year warranty on parts and seven year on the shell this just shows the build quality of Reimo Roofs.

  • T6 Sport
  • VW T6 Highline Campervan
  • Highline Sport Campervan
  • Reimo Open Sky Elevating Roof
  • VW T6 Comfortline Campervan
  • T6 Camper
  • T6 Campervan with a Reimo Roof
  • Inside the Reimo Roof
  • Reimo Open Sky Roof
  • Reimo Roof in closed position
  • VW Camper T6

Reimo Easy Fit Super flat VTEC roof with integrated insulation and gas pressure springs for ease of opening and closing complete with belt lock.

The sleeping area approximately 195×125 cm with a mattress thickness of 5 cm and sleeps two adults comfortably. For greater sleeping comfort, the sleeping roof can be optionally equipped with a slatted bed.

Three window in the roof are equipped with mosquito nets, which can be opened with a zipper to let fresh air in and nets to keep the critters out at night. The tent bellows are made of breathable fabric. The large zipped window at the rear side can be used as an emergency exit.

With the roof up you create a more practical living space with greater standing room and thus improving your living quality.

Option for open sky canvass which allows the roof canvas to be zipped back.

Reimo Easy Fit Super Flat VTEC Front Elevating
  • Sleeping roof with integrated GFK reinforcement frame.
  • Roof installation with gas spring supports for ease of use.
  • Also suitable for vehicles with airbag in the passenger compartment.
  • Good ventilation with mosquito net and tent fabric from the inside lockable windows (2 side windows completely open), front window foil.
  • Vehicle height gain approximately 7 cm.
  • Vehicle height with roof (depending on version + load) approx. 200 cm.
  • Headroom (roof open) approx. 195 – 245 cm.
  • Roof can be colour coded to match your vehicle, delivery pre-assembled, with certificate.
  • Option with or without bed.
  • Weight 60kg.
  • Warranty 3 year on parts, 7 year on the shell.
  • Fitted in accordance with Reimo specification.
Reimo Fitting Costs
  • Reimo Easy Fit Super flat VTEC roof SWB £3375 + VAT
  • Factory Colour Coding £495 + VAT
  • Fitting £830 + VAT
  • Delivery from factory £200 + VAT

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