Carpet lining service & DIY

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2017)

Carpet Lining will transform the look of your Van

Fitting Carpet Lining to your van may seem like a big task but with the right preparation, guidance and the right type of Carpet Lining for the job you too can make a professional job and if your not comfortable having ago yourself then let Vanguard work their magic on your Campervan.


Veltrim Easy Liner (Carpet Lining)

It is very Similar to mega stretch, super stretch, smooth wall and trim velour. We have a range of colours, Wheat, Silver, Smoke, Graphite, Anthracite, Blue & Black.

We supply Carpet Lining Kit’s that are ideal for small, medium and large vehicle’s the perfect solution for turning a cold, noisy bare van into a warm quiet space.

We are here to help you choose the right Carpet lining and Adhesive’s for achieving that professional finish just like the pro’s do.

(Sample packs can be purchased on our online store.)

Vanguard Conversions Carpet samples Scotland

Carpet lining

It’s the perfect solution for campervans, vans, motorhomes and all types of automotive & marine applications.

The four-way pliable carpet lining allows it to be manipulated around wheel arches, ply lining panels, side panels & headlining.

Carpet lining your vehicle can add value to your project campervan and gives it a cosy home like feeling.

Veltrim easy liner super stretchy and easy to manipulate for those tricky corners

Let us trim-out your campervan

Trimming is carried out to the highest possible standards, we use a complete piece of fabric for each side of the van giving it a seamless look throughout.

All fixings are discrete and out of sight. Vanguard customers always receive compliments on the high quality of their trimmed-out vans!

We offer a professional tailored fitting service for your vehicle be it a VW T5 or even a LWB Mercedes Sprinter we can give your van a quality look and finish.

We have fitted miles & miles of carpet lining in many types of vehicle’s and have gained valuable knowledge to offer a first class service.

Take a look at the results below…



  1. Posted on 2019-10-10 08:38:09 by Vanguard Conversions
    Hi Rob,

    Could you give us a call to discuss further.

    Kind regards
  2. Posted on 2019-09-27 04:28:26 by Rob murray
    Hi looking at getting rear doors that have
    Windows and sliding door with window and 2
    Pillers carpeted on vw crafter.
    In dundee and looking for a price and time
    Scale, and when available.